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How can I become fluent in English speaking - for beginners | Tips for beginners to become fluent in English |

 How to become fluent in English for beginners | Tips for beginners to become fluent in English 

Hey friends!!!


Welcome to the new session...🤙🤙

I know your urgency!!!

Your motive is to become fluent in English, isn't it?

Well I'm here to tell you 7 steps to become fluent in English.

But you should have enough patience to practice this 7 steps. Definitely your English speaking skill will be improved but not in just overnight. Before move on to the 7 steps, I have to start this session by saying a slogan.

Practice makes a man Perfect

Yes I'm just trying to say practice everyday. Okay lets move to the steps.

1. Think in English

    You should think anything in your mind but in English.  

  • If you are in garden, You can think about trees, plants, butterflies, sky and the beauty of garden. 
  • If you are travelling, then this is the right time for you to become travel vlogger. Describe your travel experience in mind. 
  • Or else, if you are a blogger like me, then thinking is becoming your job. So you have to think think think.

2. Learn Vocabularies 

    For practicing step 1, you have to practice step 2 everyday. And it will make your vocabulary knowledge into vast. You don't need to learn advanced vocabularies. Just simple vocabularies are enough. while you are thinking, the exact word doesn't come to your mind. That's why I am telling you to learn vocabularies every day.

I would suggest you one Instagram page 🔗 where you can find many words everyday. So Just follow that page and learn atleast one word per day.

3. Listen English

To practice this step, I would give you 3 ways. In 3 ways you can listen English. choose the one as per your wish.

  • Listen to the Audio Books
There are many audio books available in internet. You can find both free and paid version of audio books. Listen to them while you are travelling or when you want to be relaxed.

  • Listen to the podcast
Podcast is a digital audio file. You can listen online or you can download. Pick your favorite genre and listen listen to them.

  • Listen to the English Music
Now coming to the favorite way. Who else doesn't like music. 

Create a playlist and add your favorite English songs in it. Listen to the music and it will definitely make you to pronounce the word. And yeah mission accomplished!!!

4. Read English Books

I can't resist myself not telling the importance of Reading books. A dedicated post also there in my blog. Please check it out and then come to this step. Then only you would start to read. 

Pick very simple and basic books when you start reading. Then gradually move to big books. Never fail to read everyday.

5. Watch English Series

The reason behind why I'm not talking about watching English movies is that I start my journey by watching series (lasts 30minutes) everyday and watching English movies weekly once.

In beginning, choose series/movies which is comfortable for you. It should be in a way that you can understand every word. If you are unable to find like one, then just go with cartoon movies/series.

6. Write in English

Turn your thoughts into words. Diary writing is the best example. Write about how your day was gone. Or you can write anything.

  • Journaling
  • Diary Writing
  • Making to-do list

7. Speak Speak Speak

Last but not definitely the least step. There is no use of doing all the above steps and not doing this step. If you want to become fluent, then you must start to speak. no other ways. 

For doing this step, you can do 2 minutes challenge. Don't know what is 2 minutes challenge? Click here 👉 2 Minutes Challenge

That's all friends....

As I already said before, Everything couldn't change overnight. You have to practice. You have to speak. 

I'll tell you one tip. Just create a checklist and put all the 7 steps in the checklist. when You end your day, look at the checklist and check the points you have done in that particular day. Make sure there shouldn't be any unchecked box. Likewise when you start your day, Uncheck all the boxed and your good to go. 

This is my personal tip and I'm doing this till now and I thought why not share this with you. I hope this will work for you too.

Do share this post with your friends and families.

Do me a favor 👇

Keep Smilng

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