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How to Earn Money Online at Home | Passive Income Ideas | 5 Ways to Earn Money Online from home without investment | Online earning sites

How to Earn Money Online at Home 💲| Passive Income Ideas 💸 | 5 Ways to Earn Money Online from home without investment 💰| Online earning sites 💳

Hey friends!!!

How to Earn Money Online at Home without any investment

Welcome to the new session....🤙🤙

2020 and 2021 has taught us a good lesson. That is,
  • We may lose our job at any time.
  • The active income which has been generated everyday may be stopped at any moment.
  • And a lot of lessons.
Many people have been suffered due to this lockdown whoever believes only their passive income. Meanwhile some sort of people who are aware of passive income have been survived even in this pandemic situation. How??
Let me tell you. Because they didn't believe only their active income. This is what I am trying to convey to you all people.

You know one thing. Life may change at any time at any cost. We have to be prepared to face all situations. So put your efforts on generating passive income also not only on active income. Definitely it give you fruit in future.

Everybody can make passive income. If you are a school going people, it will be useful when you go to college or job.
And if you are a person who earn lakhs and lakhs of money, you should also generate passive income. Because I already said life may be changed any time.

I am here to tell you 5 ways to earn money online from home without any investments. Before that you all have to know about,
  1. what is passive income ?
  2. How you prepare yourself to generate passive income?

Passive income is a side income which doesn't gives you benefit instantly. Yes in long term only it will be beneficial. You have to wait some time.

But the advantages are, you don't have to put much effort, time, money on this. Little bit effort also gives you fruit. This is what I love making passive income.
Okiee... Let's just now dive into the topic...

1. Blogging/vlogging - Earn Money from Google


First I am gonna talking about blogging which is useful for a person who is so shy and introvert.
To do blogging you should have content writing skill which is an ever green skill. All you have to do is just sit down and write about something you know. It may be any language. Then post it in a blog website. If Google thinks that your content is valid and useful to other people, it will accept and you will get money through adsense if many people reads your article. But this is not gonna happen instantly you have to wait for Google acceptance. If you are doing this for years and years, you will become a famous blogger.

Next we move on to vlogging. This is as same as blogging and the only difference is you have to post it as a video in youtube and you have to concentrate on video quality, lightings, voice quality and lot more. You can get money from Google if many people watch you videos. For this also you have to wait.

Both blogging and vlogging, very important thing is audience. If you earn audience then you are ready to earn money.

2. Affiliation - Online Earning Sites

Affiliation | Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays many online selling website offers you some commission amount for promoting their products. For example: Amazon
Amazon is famous for affiliation. All you have to do is, just register in Amazon affiliation and then get short link from Amazon for every product that you've chosen. Then share those links with your friends and family and let them buy products in Amazon via clicking your link. That's all... If the product is successfully shipped then you will get your commission amount instantly. Amazon also watch that, in which way traffic comes. It means in which platform you share the link.
You can share via,
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Blog website
  • YouTube video
  • and a lot of free sources are there.....
Not only Amazon but also there were tons of online earning sites which provides affliction. You can contact them via their official website and start affliction.

3. Reselling - Online Reselling Sites


This is also a growing way nowadays. There are lots of reselling websites and reselling app. For example: Meesho. In this website you can find many quality stuffs with low price. As usual the rules are very simple. You have to share the product links with your friends and family members. If they buy those products then you will be offered with little commission amount.
Genuinity is very important in this field. Because if you suggest them bad product, you would loose your customers. So make sure you pick quality products.

4. Fun games - Earn Money from Amazon

Amazon Fun Games

If you are a regular follower to my articles, you would have known that I've posted a dedicated article on this topic. How to earn money while Playing Amazon games.
This is just a chillax way to earn money. If you have lucky you would got lakhs and lakhs of money. Just read the post and start earning money by playing games. I'll leave the link of that post below here.
Click here 👉

5. Deposits - Fixed Deposits and Recurrent Deposits

Fixed Deposit

The reason why I put this method in last position is, fixed deposit is only applicable for those who have ready cash in their hand. If you have bulk amount in your hand and you don't have any idea about what to do with this, then the best way is invest in a trusted platform. Make sure you researched well about the platform in which you're gonna invest your money. Then yeah..!!! It will give you interest amount whenever you want.

For those who don't have bulk amount but still wanted to invest, no  worries. I have an option for you too.

Save Money | Recurrent Deposit

You people better go with recurrent deposit. Initially you have to save money every month. Like, monthly 1000 will be deducted from your account. After 1 year, you will get some amount for saving your money. Interesting...!!! Just try it out.

Okayyy... We have come to the end. As per my knowledge and experience, I've give you only 5 ways to earn passive income. But there are millions of ways in online. All you should have,
  • Good internet connection
  • A laptop or computer or mobile phone
Just simple... Trust me, I'm using these 5 ways and getting decent amount regularly. I hope, it would give me lot money in future. Have trust and start earning.

Share this with your friends and family and let them also guide to earn money 👍

Do me a favor, just keep smiling  😄

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