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How to Save Money Online | How to Earn Money Online | How to Save Money at Home | How to Save Money in Amazon | Fun zone Amazon | Amazon Quiz

How to Save Money Online | How to Earn Money Online | How to Save Money at Home | How to Save Money in Amazon | Fun zone Amazon | Amazon Quiz 

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Nowadays it can be more easy to save money online. There were many websites which helps us to save money.
Saving money doesn't mean that you put some money in an account and it will be saved for about an hour. Obviously this is also saving. But I'm not saying about this kind of savings. I'm going to address about, You can save money while you spend money. Interesting...!!!
As I said before there were many websites to save money. Today I'm going to offer you some sort of ways to save money while you use Amazon website.
90% of people would have been known about Amazon. If you are not aware of Amazon, it is not a forest but an online selling and buying platform. you can buy any things in Amazon and also you can now sell your products in amazon as well. Apart from this, it also provides many facilities.
And also they provides many offers us to save money. Today's topic is all about how to save money from Amazon website at home.

1. Fun zone

Fun zone Amazon

This is my most favorite section. Who hates playing games? Everybody love playing games. But now there will be an option to save or earn money while we playing games. Cool...!!!
I'll give you some options,

  • Spin and win
  • Amazon quiz
  • Carnival Jackpot
  • Answer and win
  • Wheel of fortune

In addition to this, there are tons of fun games in which you can earn money, save money, and get entertained as well.
Now one question may arise in your mind. Yes... How to answer those questions. It's super simple. Just copy the question and give a web search. You will definitely get the actual answer. Because there are many websites provide answers for this question.
If you are a lucky person then definitely you will win. In my perspective, whoever living in this moment is a lucky person.

Okay... How could you get to know if you are a winner. Yes... You can get notified via your email or sms. And there will be option to know who are all the winners. It's lucky draw winner. You can checkout there as well

2. Amazon pay

Amazon Pay Games
If you are new to Amazon pay, you can definitely get minimum Rs.100. Yes there will be many options to get money through Amazon pay.

  • Invite link

Yes you got the invite link once you logged in into Amazon pay. You can share that link with your friends and families. If someone logged in into Amazon pay by clicking your invite link, you can get upto Rs.75

  • First ever transaction

You can get upto Rs.50 for your first ever Amazon pay transaction. You can transfer money from your linked bank to any account through UPI and you will get money.

  • Scan and pay

By scan the QR code and the pay, you can get upto Rs.50

  • Amazon pay games

Yes in this section also you can play games like spin and win, answer the quiz, Amazon roulette and etc., And here you will definitely get money.

3. Credit card offers

Amazon Credit Card Offers
Yes you can save money by using credit card transaction. Upto 25% off. All you have to do is that if you buy a product which retails more than Rs.10000, just go for credit card option where you can get upto 15% offer.

4. Deals of the day

Amazon Deals of the Day
Yes Amazon provides deals of the day option every single day. Here they provide product at very cheap rate. Somedays they give upto 75% offer. Cool...!!! But this offers lasts upto 14 to 15 hours only. So do check out daily and grab your daily offers.

Click here to check out today's deals →

5. Amazon outlet

Amazon Outlet

It is a section where sellers can move overstock or excess inventory. You can get popular products at discounted price here.
Do research about this and get benefited.
That's all friends... These are all the ways that I came to know to save money through Amazon. But there are tons of ways they provided. Everyday some people get benefited through online saving. You can also save your money. It's been several years since Amazon get famed but still many people didn't know about Amazon. This is somewhat a hidden unknown gem 💎

So do share this article with your friends and let them to know as well. Don't forget to put your hands on these ways and save or earn money.

Do me a favor, just keep smiling  😄

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