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Reading Books | How to build a good reading habit | How to choose a good book to read daily | how to build a reading habit | how to make reading a regular habit

Reading Books | How to build a good reading habit | How to choose a good book to read daily 📚  | how to build a reading habit | how to make reading a regular habit

Hey friends!!!

Reading Books | How to build a good reading habit

Reading Books | How to build a good reading habit

Welcome to the new session.....

I know that one of your new year resolution would be reading books. (Reader’s Mind voice : Hey..You’re right !!). But the fact is, you always end up not keeping that resolution all throughout the year. Because reading is not as interesting as other entertainment things. Trust me, If you made reading as a habit of your life then you would be definitely luckiest person in the world. Because reading has tons of benefits. Some of them are,

  • It strengthens your brain
  • Relax your mind
  • Acts as a stress reliever
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Makes you as a confident person
wear the old coat and buy the new book.

Wait!! This is not my saying, but the great expert Austin Phelps’s 😉

Okay... We all know these pretty much information already 😜

So I'll share right now some tips to start reading books. These are my personal tips and it may or may not work out for you as well.

As soon as I tell about book reading, definitely some of the “English books” are supposed to strike in your mind. I don't know why people are stick with this kind of thought. Literal meaning of reading books is just reading any books (not pretending like a professor). It might be in your mother tongue. 

So it's not necessary to read only English books. But it's very much necessary to read books in English language when it comes to learn English language. I hope your head won't spin.

On that serious note, Let's begin...

1. Make it as a habit not as a hobby

Make it as a habit not as a hobby

Lots of people have a habit of reading books only for their hobby. Like they go near to the books only when they are bored or they have free time. I accept, it's not illegal. But you won't get leisure time every single day, will you?  And you wouldn’t read until you get free time, not every day. 

If you keep on following this, you will give up reading habit before developing. You can't get out of reading, only if you read regularly. So make it as a habit like eating, cleaning, bathing and daily chores.

2. Choose a perfect place and time

Choose a perfect place and time

This tip will actually set your mood to reading. Whenever the chosen time comes, you should start reading at the place which you select. I prefer bed time to read. Because I used to read books before going to bed. But it may not apt for you. So it's completely up to you according to your convenience.

3. Choose your own favorite genre

Choose your own favorite genre

Okay.. Now we all set our mind to start reading. But you may have a doubt of which book should I start to read. Yes I have a solution for your dilemma.

The first and foremost step to read book is choose you own favorite genre. If you don't know what is genre, it is basically the type of books. Authors have been categorized books into fiction and non fiction

  • Fiction books contain an imaginary story that the author made up, such as romance and fairy tales. 
  • Nonfiction books contain factual information, such as biographies and history books.

Fiction genres

Non - Fiction genres

  • Action 
  • Romance
  • Thriller
  • Horror 
  • Mystery
  • Short stories
  • Crime
  • Science fiction
  • Drama
  • Fairy tales.
  • History
  • Biography
  • Cook books
  • Spiritual books
  • Humor
  • Health and fitness
  • Self help
  • Travel
  • Journal
  • Philosophy

All you have to do is choose one among them and enjoy reading.

4. Make use of ebooks

Make use of ebooks

How to choose your favorite genre. Yes you have to read several books to spot out the genre. During this process, make use of ebook. Because if you buy a costly book and finally you don't like them, it's completely loss of money. Even though a book costs for less than 50 rupees, it is also loss of money, isn't it? ( It's not called stingy. Is called tactics of saving money, so proud to say) So it's better to use free ebooks to start reading. You can find many free books in Google play books application. So utilize that.

5. Start reading short stories

Start reading short stories

If you are a beginner, always take baby steps. Then slowly move to big. Like that, you should start your process from short stories which contains less than 50 pages. It definitely give you boost to take further more steps.  And also gradually increase pages to be read per day as well.

If you want to start reading with short stories which has less than 50 pages 👉 

Then slowly move to self development books 👉 

6. Don't procrastinate reading

Don't procrastinate reading

Okay... Now you start reading. But what should you do to stick with this habit. Yes don't procrastinate. Read every single day regardless of your mood swings and the people who surrounds you. You need not to read hours and hours. Just 30 minutes is more than enough. Then gradually increase the time and pages as well. If you do it regularly, then you can make it as a habit which I said in 1st point. So visit your books daily. 

7. Track reading

Track reading

This is actually cool tip. When you track something, you will really see your progress visually. So that you can improve yourself in that work. Same this with book reading, track how many books that you have read.

When you start reading, select some of the books and note down the name of the book under the heading "Books to be read". As soon as you finish that book, just strike out the name from the list. At the end of the month/year , you would actually feel proud to say that "these much books I’ve finished". 

Do you know one thing, no one gonna ask how many pages you have read. They simply will ask how many books have you read. So you can easily said the number count. (Kinda show off, but it's okay)

8. Keep a partner

Keep a partner

Consider a scenario, you and your friend start to play a new game. After one day, you friend came and told that he has finished level 1. After hearing that news, you will definitely go and push yourself to play and finish level 1. Then you would come to your friends with enthusiastic and say that you also finished that. 

Same thing, we should apply here. Discuss with your partner about how many pages you have finished and bla bla bla... Consider books as a game and you would love to read. 

9. Quit reading

keep a partner


It actually sounds weird when discussing about building reading habit. Wait for me until I complete the sentence. Quit reading when you get bored of the content. Yes if you force yourself to read something that you really dislike, you will end up loosing interest over it. So it is better to quit something that you don't wanna do further.

Wait wait wait !!! I said to quit the book, not the reading habit. Yes you should again start to read another book or another genre.

10. Have a book while traveling

Have a book while travelling

Before going to detail, I should confess the fact why I put this tip in last. Because it actually didn't work for me. All thanks to my travel sickness. But it may work for you, if you are a person not like me. Keep your most favorite book with you while travelling. Read it when you bored. Eventually you would like to read only when you travel.


That's all friends... 

I hope this tips will help you to develop reading habits. Once you stick with this habit, you would be addicted to it. Then you might recommend books for me as well in the comments. Who knows ? Just love reading. Trust me your time is not going to waste. It actually worth reading.

If you have any book suggestions for beginners who want to start reading, then feel free to comment. Share these tips with your friends if you consider it as a useful content.

I want to end this topic with the great expert sayings.

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

                                            -   Vera Nazarian

Last but not the least.... 

Do me a favor, just keep smiling  😄😄                                

Collection of  "Ideas and tips"                              

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