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Phile | 15 Philes and their Meaning | 15 Phile Images

15 Philes and their Meaning |  Phile Images

Hey friends!!!

Philes | Meaning | images

Welcome to the new informative session... 😃😃

You would have often told like,

  • I love blue color
  • I love cats
  • I love dogs

But guess that how will it be when you tell about your fondness in terms of technical phrases. Yes it would be awesome.

For this purpose, there is a word called "phile". Basically the term "phile" is defined to express some kind of attraction over something you really fond of.

Don't get confuse between phile and phobia because, "phobia" referred to afraid of something.

Okay... Now let's see 50 philes among which, some of them would related to yourself.


1.  Caeruleaphile

Philes, Caeruleaphile

Someone who loves blue color and things which is in blue color. No matter the different shades of blue color like aqua blue , navy blue, sky blue, deep water blue and so on.

Feeling proud to say that I'm a caeruleaphile.

2. Xanthophile

Philes, Xanthophile

Someone who loves yellow color and things in yellow color. They feel like yellow color instantly gave calming effect for themselves.

3. Melanophile 

Philes, Melanophile

Someone who loves black color and things in black color. They want to dress up only in black color regardless of others perception.

4. Leukophile

Philes, Leukophile

Someone who loves white color. They really feel comfortable when in white color and white circumstances.

5. Chrysophile

Philes, Chrysophile

Someone who is fond of gold color and things that bling. They prefer only gold jewelry rather than other jewels. They easily get attracted by the gold color regardless of the outcome.


6. Cafephile

Philes, Cafephile

From the name itself, you can get to know that cafephile is someone who loves coffee and caffeine. They addict to the caffeine. The would feel energized only after getting the smell of coffee.

7. Oenophile

Philes, Oenophile
Someone who loves to drink wines all the time. By the way, wine is good for skin and health. But over dosage of wine leads to alcoholic.

8. Chocophile

Philes,  Chocophile

As name implies, chocophile is someone who loves to consume lots of chocolate and chocolaty stuffs. They always crave for chocolates in their life.

9. Frigophile

Philes, Frigophile

Someone who loves to eat ice creams. Not only ice creams but also they love frosty kind of things.

On the whole, they are fond of cool stuffs.

10. Turophile

Philes, Turophile

Someone who loves to consume cheese and cheesy foods. It doesn't mean that they are obese.

They could also be fit and healthy enough.


11. Zoophile

Philes, Zoophile

You all whould have known that "zoo" refers to animals. Yes zoophile is someone who is very much fond of animals. Actually they love being with animals rather than human beings. They trust animals.

12. Ailurophile

Philes, Ailurophile

Someone who is fond of cats and kittens. They love being surrounded by cats and want to buy things that exactly seems like cats.

13. Cynophile

Philes,  Cynophile

Someone who is fond of dogs and puppies. They want to adopt dogs as a pet. They love being with the dogs all the time.

14. Arctophile

Philes, Arctophile

A big lover of teddy bears. They love to sleep with lots of teddy bears and wake up in front of them. They take teddy bears along with them wherever they go. 

15. Hippophile

Philes, Hippophile

You might have think that hippophile is hippopotamus lover. Sorry to say that, you're wrong. Hippophile is someone who is a horse lover. They like horse ride, horse race, and stuffs related to horse.


That's all friends... 

I hope you would love it and get enough knowledge about lot of philes (fondness). Use it in your daily phrases whenever you see someone who is mad at something. I think this is useful to fill up your bio information in Instagram and Facebook, instead of writing that I love music, I love pets and so on... 😜

 Last but not the least.... 

Do me a favor, just keep smiling  😄😄  

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