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Word of the day - Stink

Word of the Day

Hey friends!!!

Word of the day -  Stink

Welcome to the Word of the Day session 😃😃....
Before knowing word of the day, all should have gotten the primary knowledge of importance of this session. Word of the day is the baby step of English learning journey. The first and foremost tip to speak English is thinking in English. But the problem with most of us lies here. When we try to think in English we couldn’t find many words. Because the vocabulary content stored in our brain is very limited. To broaden vocabulary content we have to learn at least 1 new word daily. That why I incorporate this session in my blog. 
With this we dive right into today’s word 👇

Word of the day -  Stink

How to Pronounce :



Meaning : 

Bad odour.
Definition :

Extremely strong unpleasant smell.

Verb 1


Verb 2


Verb 3


+ S            


+ ing







Stinky / Stinkingly

Example sentences : 
  1. Spoiled fish begins to stink.
  2. I can smell my own stink. So I need a perfume. 
  3. Have a good perfume to get rid of body stink
  4. This house stank after beer party.
  5. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas stinks like rotten egg.
Conversation : 
Conversation between Mother and her Son

Son : Mom... I'm back.
Mom : Come in... You seems like you had played very well.
Son : Yes.. How did you know?
Mom : I can smell your sweat stink.
Son : Oh no... I need a good bath to wash away the stink of sweat.
Mom : Nice idea.... Go and have a nice shower.
Son : Okay Mom 👍

Other Words : 
  • Stench
  • Bad smell 
  • Reek
  • Smell foul 
  • Disgusting
  • Very unpleasant
  • Fuss
  • Commotion 
  • Rumpus
  • Ruckus
Quote of the day : 
No matter which perfume you use....If your character stinks, You stink too..!
Quote of the day

This is Quote of the day with word of the day.
I hope you will add this word in your daily sentences. Because it’s very much important to use those words that you’ve learnt daily than learn those words. Otherwise you would end up losing it from your memory. So make sure you keep on remember this word.
Never fail to use today’s word Miserable 💙💙

😵😵Is today's word Miserable ??

Nope... Just kidding.... Don't scroll up to check today's word 😝😝

I'm reminding you.....
Keep smiling 😄😄

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