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Different Ways to say Good Morning and Good Night : Some Creative ways to say Morning and Night Greetings : Morning and Night Conversations in ENGLISH

Different Ways to say Good Morning and Good Night | Some Creative ways to say Morning and Night Greetings | Morning and Night Conversations in ENGLISH

Hey friends!!!

Different Ways to say Good Morning and Good Night | Some Creative ways to say Morning and Night Greetings | Morning and Night Conversations in ENGLISH

Welcome to the English Learning Session 😃😃

Good morning.... 

Are you wondering why am I saying good morning now? Yes because today's topic is all about different ways to say good morning and good night. 

Actually I'm bored of saying usual good morning and good night. Because it is so regular and common. I wanna use some creative phrases as my first word in the day. Yes obviously our first and foremost phrase is good morning and last phrase is good night. It would definitely give some extra kind of motivation and confidence to you if you start and end your day with some creative greetings. You end up feeling like, yeah!! This is the perfect day to do some important chores.

Now you might think that why should we say good morning in another way. Good morning itself is a nice greeting word, isn't it? 

Yes I agree. Apart from that do you know the purpose of greeting in morning. Your way of morning greetings should stimulate the person to escape from all negative vibes around them and enter into the world enriched with positive vibes. Sometimes simply saying good morning doesn't give any extra energy or boost to the opposite person and end up feeling like, this is also usual day. That's why morning greetings are most important for all of us. Okay then What about night greetings. As morning, night greetings are equally important. Because that one phrase should allow the person to forget about their worst day and end up sleeping peacefully.

 Okay let's start....

5 different ways of saying good morning

Good Morning

  • Hey, Rise and Shine
  • Hey, Sweet morning. Hope you had a good night sleep.
  • Hey, wake up to Kick start your beautiful day.
  • Hey, get up soon. It's time to face your next 24 hours.
  • Hey, ready to shine bright.

These are the ways to greet someone with fully positive vibes in the morning. Anyways, I love the first phrase among those 5. Because I used to greet my friends every single morning with that phrase.

"Hey dear!!! Rise and shine....."

5 different ways of saying good night.

Good Night

  • Hey, Good night sleep tight
  • Hey, Make sure you get a good night sleep
  • Hey, sleep well. Don't let the bed bugs bite.
  • Let me tuck you in.
  • Hey, take a snooze.

 Make sure you use this phrases with your closed ones only. Because it's informal phrases. Friends never mind but higher officials ??? That's why I'm saying.

You can add your friend's Nick name with the word "Hey" .

And my favorite phrase is, "Hey dear, take a snooze..."

Morning & night conversation

Definitely we all are not gonna start our days by greetings only. We would carry out some sort of morning and night conversations as well. Conversation in the sense, couple of sentences. Let's learn that as well...

Morning conversation

Let A be the person 1 who rise the question over person 2 and 3. Let B and C be the person 2 and 3 respectively.

A : Hey, Sweet morning. Have you sleep well.

B : Yes. I had a good night sleep. Actually I slept like a baby.

C : No. I didn't sleep well. I was just tossing and turning.

Some people will wake up even if they hear pin drop sound. Some people won’t wake up even if they hear thunder sound. Depending upon your way of sleeping, you could use those sentences.

Night Conversation

Quickly let's move on to the night conversation. Before that consider you are in a conversation with someone else and you wanna end. Because you are so sleepy.

  • I'm gonna hit the hay
  • I'm my bed time
  • I'm heading to my dream world
  • It's time for me to shut - eye
  • I'm gonna play with moon and stars.

You should use this sentence followed by an ending note like okay, bye, see you, catch you later and before using night time greetings. For example, Okay, Catch you later. I'm gonna hit the hay. Goodnight, sleep tight.

Okay...But there are some kind of people who used to sleep after mid day meal for really short span. Let me know does it come under sleep category. 

cat nap, Mid day nap

Of course it is. But the name itself differs. 

It's called cat nap and the sleeping duration is called siesta time.

  • Okay friends... It's almost siesta time and I'm gonna take a quick cat nap.

Wait wait...I give you example sentences, not an ending note 😜😜

Well....We have actually come to the end of session. 

I hope, you had a great knowledge about greetings and how to greet someone with positive vibe both morning and night. Never use those common phrases. Start using creative ways to greet that we've learnt today and surprise your loved ones.

Stay positive and keep smiling 😄😄

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